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Christina Cai (蔡纪元) is a Chinese-born contemporary visual artist based in Australia who specialises in installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures and digital art. She explores a potential ideal world in the future through her research about how individuals’ emotions and physicals are influenced by the environment.

Cai is inspired by the theories of sustainable ecology, mental health, utopia, dystopia and her own experience. She is determined to provide the audience with a multisensory experience through structures, layouts, lighting, colors, sounds and textures through her artworks. Cai uses different mediums and techniques to bring her topics to life and creates artworks that are experimental, emotional, immersive and interactive.

Graduated with a Master of Art from UNSW Art & Design, Cai immerses herself in the subjects of psychology, philosophy and science. Fascinated by the concept of the ideal potential in the future, Cai continues to showcase her ideas through her artworks.