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Go For Hope


Fabric and Light

Exhibited in Surface Gaffa Gallery, July 2017

Our life is defined by the wonder of all the senses we possess which begs the thought; why shouldn’t the same idea be applied to art? Art that is more than just a pretty picture on a wall. It should be something that you can FEEL.
Visit any gallery and you are bombarded with signs that show “DO NOT TOUCH”, “STAND BEHIND THE LINE” and hazard tape around the artworks that create such a wide moat, it makes social distancing feel like a packed can of sardines.
Go for hope is an installation constructed of fabric and fishing line that is backlit by a LED tube light. Inspired by stage design and stage layouts, light and objects are applied to produce the new space. In this created room, the viewer is fully immersed into the artwork and is encouraged to get up close and personal to feel the different textures and materials.
Though the work provides a multi-sensory experience, the concept of the installation is to instil the belief there is always hope in the future. The main part of the installation is a piece of rectangle fabric which has different textiles. The textile changes from rough to softness with the edges being rough and gradually smoothing as it moves towards the centre. The light shines through the fluffy cotton in the centre to indicate our hopes for the future.
The artwork is strategically placed, with its middle in the corner of the room and its sides stretching on the perpendicular wars which gives the viewer an isolated space to feel the work and the textural changes.