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Christina Cai (蔡纪元) is a Chinese born contemporary visual artist based in Australia who specialises in installations, paintings, and digital art. Her artworks focus on depicting the emotions shaped by the environment and exploring her strive for the ideal world based on her experience and research.

Cai is inspired by her life moments and conveys them in her artworks. If her mental health permits, she may express her real-life anxiousness and depression that arises from contemporary depressing affairs through her art. She strives for her vision of a place where she can truly belong and be free from her bleak emotions. Cai uses different mediums and techniques to bring her topics to life and creates artworks that are experimental, emotional, immersive and interactive.

Graduated with a Master of Art from UNSW Art & Design, Cai immerses herself in the subjects of psychology, philosophy and nature. She is determined to record the moments in her life and explore the potential of a better world in her artworks. Fascinated by different mediums and technology, Cai continues to provide different sensory experiences through her works.

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