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Digital Painting

Exhibited in The Hero’s Journey aMBUSH Gallery, Nov 2020


My artwork expresses an important spirit we all need in 2020: resilience. The poster features three main elements that have defined this year: the state of our mind, the pills and the sun and aims to give us hope and the power to be the hero again we all are inside.
This year, we have been bombarded with many challenges; a global pandemic, natural disasters and the fight against racial injustice. We have been divided, by ideology and by nature, forced to distance ourselves from hugs, handshakes and basic human contact which we all crave. We have sacrificed our innate desire for connection and the state of our mental health for the greater good, albeit some were to prop up their flawed beliefs.
The red and green with the black background highlights our courage and struggle to be ourselves again. Resilience is what we need to get used to these dark times. We have been taught that resilience is key to overcoming our challenges but it is also a struggle to suppress our demons alone. Seek help if needed and don’t let that cauldron of darkness brew away. The sun will always rise again and there will be better days will be ahead.